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INSPIRED 2013-10-29
INSPIRED – If I had to sum it up in one word, I think INSPIRED would be that word. Every time I attend a Scrum training session, Scrum Gathering, or Agile event, so many people, in so many ways, inspire me – from the "experts" willing to teach us, to those who are so eager to learn more and achieve success. The Agile 2013 conference I attended earlier this month was no exception – I came home inspired! Scrum Alliance sponsored the Coaches Clinic, where experienced Agile Coaches offered one-on-one (and, in some cases, team) coaching. They offered to share their knowledge and experience, giving advice to everyone from leaders of organizations to experienced practitioners struggling with certain issues to people just starting out and asking for advice on how to begin. The response was overwhelming. There was no shortage of experienced coaches willing to offer their time to coach more than 160 individuals and teams wanting to learn more. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you and your organization are thinking about starting, or have already started, your Scrum journey, you might want to engage a Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) for a little extra guidance. Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Coaches® are experts in Scrum – both in theory and practice. They have an in-depth understanding of practices and principles of Scrum and real-world experience on actual Scrum projects. Certified Scrum Coaches successfully guide organizations through the challenges of Scrum adoption.
Success Story 2013-10-29
Carol McEwan I am having trouble believing it is September already, but the fact that we are in the final planning stages of Global Scrum Gathering Paris, September 23-25, makes me know it is true. As I think back to the last several Gatherings, I am reminded of the excitement, enthusiasm, and knowledge shared among attendees. From the expert to the novice, they return to their work inspired to do more. Scrum Alliance is growing -- last month we issued almost 5,000 new certificates, and we added two Scrum Alliance User Groups for a total of 236 worldwide. Global Gatherings are sold out and Regional Gatherings are being hosted on almost every continent. We know Scrum teams around the world are making a difference and, in support of our mission to transform the world of work, we invite you to share your stories with the Scrum community and inspire others to do more.
Letter from the Managing Director 2013-10-29
Scrum Gathering Paris Wow! The energy and passion generated at Scrum Gatherings never ceases to amaze me, and Scrum Gathering Paris was no exception! Over 400 attendees from more than 35 countries sharing their experience and passion for Scrum made this gathering a huge success! I would like to recognize and thank the co-chairs, Xavier Warzee and Patrice Petit, for putting together a great program of exceptional keynote and session speakers.